Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Download Galaxy S3 TouchWiz Launcher For Android Devices Running ICS

OK we have talked enough of iPhone and its apps - now let us talk of the only competitor to iPhones, the Samsung galaxy S III and its downloads.

Since Samsung Galaxy S III has surfaced, many are attracted towards its excellent features rather than waiting for iPhone 5 which may come out to be a disappointment as 4S did.

While talking of Android, the official Galaxy S3 Touchwiz UI has now been ported for all Android devices running ICS (Android 4.0.x) which is now available for download in the form of an APK file.

And you know what? 13 year old* rani9990 on popular Android development and hacking forums XDA Developers. The procedure for installation is simple. You can just download the APK and install it as you normally would and use it.

Download Galaxy S3 TouchWiz Launcher [Link]


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