Sunday, July 22, 2012

Download Dead Trigger [Updated] Free For Android From Google Play

Good news for Android folks!!

You can now rejoice and stop envying iOS users for getting latest games before them, as the newly released Console-quality, Zombie Themed FPS title ” Dead Trigger” has been made free to download for Android users, available via Google Play.

Dead Trigger, by Madfinger Games, is one of the top games available on the Google Play Store which as a zombie-themed FPS (first person shooter) taht boasts amazing graphics, full 3D characters and environments, and high quality audio and soundtrack (which can turn out to be quite scary sometimes). 

Like other games, Dead Trigger also features in-app purchases though which you can get shiny new weapons and stuff earlier than usual. The gameplay spans around 40 hours of zombified horror which would keep you entertained for much time. Offcourse you can still play it even though you have completed the story, one of the advantages that FPS holds!.
For those of you who hesitated to spend a buck before to download this awesome game, head-over to the Google Play Store and get your copy now!
Download Dead Trigger Free For Android From [Google Play]
Source: Chip Hazard

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