Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How To Jailbreak (Untethered) Apple TV 2G iOS 4.4.4 Using SeasonPass 4.4.4 [Guide]

[ via Chip Hazard ] 2 Jan
We previously reported the new SeasonPass 4.4.4 utility for Apple TV 2 release which can perform an untethered jailbreak on Apple TV second generation. The utility was made using pod2g’s exploits which helped hackers to develop the jailbreak for Apple Tv. To use the utility, the step by step procedure is detailed right after the jump !.

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 2G iOS 4.4.4 ( Untethered ) Using SeasonPass :-

STEP 1: Download the latest  version of SeasonPass (LINK).
STEP 2: Run the utility and click on the button “Create IPSW”.
STEP 3: After the IPSW procedure is finished, connect your Apple TV 2 with your Mac using a USB Micro cable and then on your Apple TV remote hold : Menu+Play for 7 seconds.
STEP 4: After doing the above procedure, your Apple 2 TV device should enter the DFU mode and then the iTunes will take of the rest using the custom firmware you made from the utility.
STEP 5: Once iTunes has done its job, connect your Apple TV with you TV to enjoy the freedom!.
Note : For Verification, The FireCore Watermark Will Appear On Your Apple Tv’s Home Screen.


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