Sunday, March 1, 2015

White Swedish Shepherd

Recently, while strolling and window shopping in the log bazaar of Kiel, Germany, I came across a pet lover who was walking with a majestic White Shepherd dog. I thought it was a white German Shepherd and requested the owner for a photo of the white fur dog.

However, to my amazement, she told me that it was not a German Shepherd but was a Swedish Shepherd.  That was an addition to my knowledge about the shepherd dogs as I always thought that these were a German species.
However, upon searching more about the white shepherd, I cam to know that Swedish species also comes from the same species of the white German Shepherds.

The white shepherds, unlike their black and brown 'traditional' German Shepherds are very peaceful in nature and are not considered to be good watchdogs as they are not very aggressive to 'combat' aliens and thieves. In fact, White Shepherds need a great deal of early socialization to build a confident attitude toward strangers and strange situations.

While trying to know more about these white fur shepherds, I came to know that there are also Swiss and American White Shepherds too. Do you own a White Shepherd? If so please share with us its characteristics and behaviour that made you to have a White German/Swedish Shepherd.

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