Friday, February 27, 2015

Our maiden Tulip crop taking roots

Tulips are one of the most awesome, colourful and unique flowers of the world. Netherlands is famous for its tulip field that stretch in miles and fascinate the onlookers and flower lovers from across the globe.

I was recently in Holland visiting a friend after 43 years and there my wife, whose hobbies besides balking and cooking also include gardening, asked my friend about tulips and their seasons. We were told that tulips bloom in Holland in April and May. This was some sad news for us as we were not to be there due to three months visit-visa restrictions.

But when we visited Amsterdam, we saw tulip bulbs on sale and we instantly bought half a dozen packets to plant these once we reach back home. And rightly so, the first thing that my wife did was to sow tulip bulbs in the beds and the pots.

And now that spring is already knocking at our doorstep, we are delighted to see our maiden crop of tulips straight from Holland taking roots and sprouting. Here in under are a few photos that I just shot and thought of sharing with my readers.

Hopefully, in a few weeks time, we shall have these tulips in full bloom and I shall then share the fully-bloomed maiden crop of tulips - straight from home of tulips.

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[Photo Tulip fields courtesy: Pixabay]

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