Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A visit to the once most dreaded Berlin Wall

The year 2014 celebrated the 25th year of the demolition of the once most dreaded Berlin Wall that divided the present day Germany into West and East Germanys for decades. Although I was a month in advance visiting Berlin and the Berlin Wall in October 2014, but I could feel the echoes of gunfire and cries of the fallen who tried to scale the war to jump over the other side for freedom.

Herein under are some of the photos that I took while visiting the remains fo the Berlin from both sides - something was not possible before the wall finally crumbled under the pressure of freedom seekers and came down in November 1989.

The photos below show some of the many who died seeking for freedom. These are placed in an open museum on the Easter side of the wall for they fell there and could not cross over. But it was because of their heroic efforts that the wall dividing one people finally came down and today Germany as one nations breathes in the fresh air of freedom.

 My son (above) and myself near the Glory Hole in the wall that still reminds the struggle for freedom

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