Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Shooting GIF format photos

Although I am not a professional photographer, but my hobby of shooting difficult things is always on my mind and am looking forward to trying out new things. Awhile ago, while analyzing various mode of the camera of my Galaxy S4 smartphone, I came across a feature of Animated Photos. And hence started my taking photos in Gif format.

The gif photo above was taken by me from withing my car while I waited for my wife to shop in a nearby shopping centre. The falling droplets of rain prompted me to shoot an animated photo and it came out to be as can be seen above.

And just today while it was still raining, I captured rain falling on the leaves of the bamboo plant , as can be seen above, right next to my main entrance of the house. 

This is the third gif photo taken by me. My first attempt was sometime back when I was drinking tea and the lights went out. In the light of an LED torch, I could see steam oozing out of the hot tea cup and I made shot the moment in animated format. It came out something like this:

Do you try out different things with your camera? Well I am sure everyone does. Do share your experiences for others to learn.

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