Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 Majestic Animal Portraits

God created the nature in its finest and purest form. The virgin jungle abound millions of species of countless types and forms. It is the man who through his lens brings about the majesty and beauty of the animals and other living forms. Herein under is a selection of 10 majestic animal portraits that people, both novices and professional photographers have shot in the open jungles of Africa and the close environment of the zoos.
I have a group on Flickr where I invite Flickr members to share photographs exclusively of animals only. The following portraits of animals looked majestic to me and I thought of sharing with my viewers.
White rhino ~ on black by rogersmithpix

Galapagos, portrait
Galapagos portrait by VittorioRicci

Sch....Wetter? Augen zu und durch
Sch....Wetter? Augen zu und durch by Dieter Müßler

"red alert"
Red alert by rogersmithpix

2653 Cheetah Cubs Mother, Masai Mara
Cheetah Cubs Mother, Masai Mara by Ian Yule

by isa 11

Giraffe by *Kicki*

Tiger eyes
Tiger eyes by Light Knight

Dios toro poderoso
Dios toro poderoso by festeig

Eye on You
Eye on You by LastBestPlace

All above photos are shared at Jalalspages Animal Kingdom (Flickr)


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