Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Full Moon – Myths and Legends

Moon has always been related to the fairies and children keep looking for them when it is full moon. Moon is also considered to be the home of grandma sitting with her stitch-work. But at the same time full moon is also scary for some. The Moon has always been associated with magic, folklore, superstitious beliefs and ancient rituals. The stories of werewolf attached to the full moon make many hide inside their houses, especially those living in secluded houses or away from habitation.
There are many myths related to the occurrence of the full moon, although mostly superstitions. Some of these are:-
  • Witches are said to be seen through the skies during full moon.
  • Some myths attribute earthquakes and disasters to the occurrence of full moon.
  • As per Lunar Effect myth, men are said to be more violent and aggressive (perhaps this is also a werewolf phenomenon).
  • If the full moon falls on Friday the 13th, the night is said to be the unluckiest for some.
  • If there are two full moons in a month, it is said to be an indicator of bad weather.
  • Full moon is also associated with high tides in the sea. As per one myth, deaths occur most often when the tide is going out, and births occur when the tide is coming in during the full moon.
  • In some countries, people believe that Women who stare at the full moon, or lay in the moonlight, will become pregnant. Some say she will give birth to a monster.
  • And bad news for thieves thinking of committing robbery on full moon, since as per a legend anyone doing so is likely to fail.
  • And finally the good news for people making plans on getting married on the full moon night. Those who do so, are likely to have good luck and good fortune, while children born on full moon are likely to be strong and lucky.
The Moon and I by Jalalspages

Moon Dragons
Moon Dragons by MustangSheila

Luna by _Hadock

full moon
Full moon by Lynngerald

2010 11 20 RheinNight Moon IR Photo
2010 11 20 RheinNight Moon IR Photo by Mister-Mastro

820 first tries (2)
820 first tries (2) by –salzherz

Hot moon
Hot moon by ♥ Nadia ♥

Cratered Face
Cratered Face by Jalalspages


Finally the Full Moon
Finally the Full Moon by Jalalspages

All photos above have been shared with Jalalspages Extraterrestrial Album (Flcikr)


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