Monday, January 17, 2011

The Indigenous People of Pakistan

Life as it is...
Life as it is... by Mirjee

Local Woman @ Kunri
Local Woman @ Kunri by Raja Islam

Rural Life
Rural Life by smrafiq

Long live pakistan!
Long live Pakistan! by Nadeem Khawar

Outside od Bibi jawindi
Outside od Bibi jawindi by Shaun D Metcalfe

Zara Umr-e-Rafta Ko Awaaz Daina
Zara Umr-e-Rafta Ko Awaaz Daina by NotMicroButSoft

Ecstasy by TARIQ/ sulemani

Folk Singer
Singer by @mmar

Old man by jalalspages
علن فقیر کی یاد میں by Memorial Power

Above photographs are shared with Jalalspages Pakistan on Flickr


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