Thursday, June 14, 2012

Petting a Big Pussycat

There is no limit to the hobbyists' likes, petting and the extent of 'danger' involved in realizing their likes. 

Keeping pets at home is one of the most favourites hobbies. Generally keeping pets is confined to dogs, cats, birds, fish  and non-violent animals like deer and like. But there are people who like to adopt 'dare' petting and keeping dangerous animals and reptiles in their homes, moving about freely. One when I was vising a friend, I suddenly found a big black cobra moving about in his corridor. Appalled and horrified  as anyone would have been, I yelled out loud at my friend about the 'intruder attack.' But my friend just laughed out my scare by telling that the cobra was his pet. Wow!! what a scary pet, I remember to have said.

Jackie Smit with Enzo [Photo: mathews Tabaccos /Bercroft Medi/Mail Online]
Now today, I came across a couple keeping a big 'cat' as their favourite pet animal. The big cat is in fact a 27 Stone Royal Bengal Tiger, nicknamed 'Enzo, that  Michael Jamison and his girlfriend Jackie Smit live with in Brakpan, South Africa.

They bought Enzo as a cute nine-week-old cub but a year later he has grown into a hulk after wolfing down 11lb of meat a day. The couple bottle feed their pussycat with milk and when it is time for a nap, Enzo shares either the couple's bed or on the handy chaise lounge.

Well it is pretty dangerous to live with such a big pussycat, which has now grown into a full size tiger  - but the couple find their Enzo a very homely and loving pet, just like some 14 dogs they have as other 'conventional pets.'

So when are you, if a pet enthusiast, going to get a bigger pussycat for your home?

Read more / see more photos / video: Mail Online


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