Monday, February 6, 2012

8 Tips For Taking Care of Your Pet Dog's Teeth

Keeping pets as a hobby is one thing - but taking care of their health is altogether a different and difficult thing to do. Many leave the health care of their pets to the vets, who charge hefty amounts to treat even smallest and simplest of pet diseases. 

Oral healthcare of Pet Dogs [Photo: Getty Images ]

If the pet-keepers pay a little attention and read more about how to keep pets and how to carry out simple daily or weekly inspections, many ailments can be treated before these actually occur.

For those who have dogs in their house, I came across an informative post at Huffington Post for the oral care of the dogs and I am sharing it for the benefit of many who have dogs and want 'them dogs' to be healthy with no extra cost.

  1. Start an Oral Care Routine
  2. Get a Professional Cleaning
  3. Start Early
  4. Remove Food Particles
  5. Stop Gingivitis
  6. Avoid Serious Problems
  7. Look and Feel Better
  8. Oral Care Treats
While the above tips are dog specific, I am sure these can be applicable for all pets and can be intelligently interpreted for specific type of pet.

Read details about each tip above: Huffington Post

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