Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Take Care of an Askal Puppy

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Askal Puppy
Keeping pets is a favourite hobby world wide. Starting from cats and dogs to many type of birds, reptiles, even snakes, and other animals, including deadly lions, has a limitless list. But while keeping pets is a healthy hobby, it is also necessary to keep the pets healthy and in shape as their ill health is only only damaging to the pets and a source of spread of diseases. but also an injustice to the pet, totally dependent on its master.

It is in this regard that when I came across this post about how to take care of an Askal puppy, that I thought of sharing it with my hobbyists for better care of their Askal puppies.

An Askal puppy is a type of mixed breed dog that comes from the Philippines. An Askal puppy is also known as a mongrel. These puppies often have a more resilient nature than purebred pups and have been used in the Philippines as bomb sniffing dogs.

Read special instructions and tips for keeping and maintaining an Askal puppy in the full story at: How to Take Care of an Askal Puppy 
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