Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Incredible Armored Cars from Latvian Manufacturer Dartz: For Super-Rich Only

Sometime back, I wrote about the hobby of collecting cars - not dinkies, but real cars. It said that the brother of King of Brunei has so many cars hat if started to drive a car daily from his fleet, it would take him 7 years before he runs out of new cars. But by then, many more would have been added to his fleet.

There I was talking of expensive cars. But what about special cars that only kings and presidents get to use? A report says that the days of members of the mafia driving a blacked out Cadillac or dictators riding in a large Mercedes may be coming to an end.

Thanks to Latvian manufacturer Dartz, anyone that needs extra protection can now have the armored car they desire, according to CarBuzz.

Instead of the run-of-the-mill armored BMW or Mercedes, Dartz builds bespoke armored cars for the most discerning tastes with some of the most unique features we've ever seen.

Read the full story at the Business Insider for more.

[ via Business Insider ] 


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