Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Creative Bow Ties

There is no limit to a man's imagination in inventing things, nor there is a limit on hobbyists collecting weird things. Take for instance the bow ties we often see gentlemen wearing on formal functions with their black suits at dinners or even Hollywood stars when attending Oscar Awards ceremonies. They look elegant.

But what if you want to look a little colourful, little different? Well the innovative minds have the answers and there are collectors out there ready to collect as many as these creative bow ties for fun.

The Superman comic's bow tie

One such innovative mind is New York-based artist Nicholas Tee Ruiz, who has revamped the classic bow tie to help its wearers tap into their inner professor. In his ‘Bow Tie Collection'—which he created while working for The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)— Ruiz used everyday materials, such as film, LEGOs, guitar picks, pills and corks, to create wearable art in the form of bow ties.

While you would like to wear a Superman's comic bow tie when you go watching a Superman movie, there are many other surprises Nicholas Tee Ruiz has for you. Scroll down and see his wonders:

 Well this one could come handy if encountered with muggers!!
 This is specially for those who can wait for a delayed dinner - if it is really delayed, eat up the bow tie!!

Well if you find a $100 bill too cheap, make a bow tie out of it - Uncle Scrooge or Richie Rich can use a bill of higher denomination


Well that is not the end, there are still some more - continue to watch:

 If the flight is delayed and you don't have a book to read, loosen up your collar for a while and 'read' your bow tie.

The Farm Fresh!! Straight from the farm

I hope you would like to have some or all of these for all seasons and occasions.

All photos above have been shared by exclusive permission from FunZug


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