Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do it Yourself: Make an inexpensive camera spy car

Whenever the word spying is used, many enthusiasts whose hobby is to make small gadgets to 'spy around' get attracted. Although expensive gadgets are available in the market to make a spy car or one can even buy a custom made or ready made spy car with camera from off the shelf, but why waste money?

Since the spy cars with cameras fitted are only for fun sake for the hobbyists, why not do it yourself - it is as simple as you can see in the following video I came across on YouTube. Although the video was uploaded many years ago, those who have not seen it, would find it interesting and exciting.

Using a wireless video camera and an RC Car or Truck, you can make a working spy car that transmits live video to a TV or Computer.

Watch the video - the step by step guide makes it easier for spying enthusiasts to follow the instructions and actually get going about it:

The video is shared from YouTube / myspychannel