Sunday, December 9, 2012

Collector transforms his basement into a century-old general store

Hobbyists are amazing people: They not only have the passion to collect, but also have great aesthetics sense that can transform heir passion and hobby for all others to enjoy.

Comprehensive: Moseman has hoarded a wide range of general store items
Moseman has hoarded a wide range of general store items [Photo: AP]

Roy Moseman, a decorated Vietnam veteran and a retired electrical contractor, is one such person who has turned his basement into a century-old general store, full of brightly colored packages a customer might have found in a general store circa 1900, give or take a few years.

'Graphic art': Moseman says he likes the advertising on the packaging
The labels many of which we do not see today [Photo: Richard Hamm/Online and Athens Banner-Herald]

Moseman started off with just a wooden stove when he started his collection about 20 years ago. But within 10 years, he had built a collection of hundreds of store items.


The shelves and boxes hold a dizzying array of tobacco packs of long-gone brands like Hi-Plane, Prince Albert, Q-Boid, Dixie Queen and Cherokee.

There's a curious snuff ball made by Levi Garrett just down the shelf from tins of Possum Cigars. 'Am Good and Sweet,' the slogan says.

Colorful: The shelves of Roy Moseman's basement are filled with an incredible array of bright tobacco tins, with long-gone names such as Q-Boid, Queed and Holiday Pipe Mixture

Most of the items in the collection aren't worth much on the collector's market, thanks in part to Internet shopping. But a few, like his Wrigley chewing gum man, are pretty rare, he said. But Moseman built the collection mainly because these products are a kind of history in and of themselves.

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