Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Traffic Jam ahead? Let me 'fly you' out in my Motor-Tricycle

Man has always been fascinated by birds who fly majestically above in the blue sky and many inventors and would-be-flyers lost their lives in crafting out something to fly with. Perhaps this was the passion of Leonardo da Vinci who had designed a working model of a helicopter but could not implement his innovation because technology of his time perhaps did not permit him to do so.

The Wright Brothers were luck in their pursuits when they flew the first ever working model of an aeroplane at Kitty Hawk.

Although since the Wright Brother's invention, the aircraft industry has progressed to unimaginable heights, the latest being the efforts to fly a commercial plane into the space.

However, the quest of the individuals to fly a flying machine and be included in those magnificent men in their flying machines never diminishes. and devoted flying hobbyists around the world are always in pursuit of making something that takes them into the sky, rather than flying remote controlled (RC) planes.

Larry Neal in his Motor-Tricycle 'Super Sky Cycle' just before take off [left] Scroll down for video

And Larry Neal  from Aurora, Texas USA, is one such passionate inventor who made it possible for him to lift his motor tricycle into air just like a helicopter and fly free in the wind.


Larry Neal's revolutionary motor-tricycle, which he calls a the super sky cycle,  allows him to take off into the sky and cruise over miles. Larry's super sky cycle is fitted with a 582cc engine and a three-blade 68-inch propeller. The motor-tricycle can fly at 35mph, land in 20ft of space and has a top land speed of 65mph. It has a 5 hour flight time without refueling, costs £46,000 ($75,000) and requires a pilot's license to fly.

Watch the video below:

via Daily Mail


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