Friday, March 6, 2015

Top Three most read posts of HobbyShobbys

I started my blog HobbyShobbys on 12th December 2010. And since then it has drawn much interest by people around the world who love to have hobbies of any kind. Keeping interest of almost all hobbyists, I have shared information on almost all major hobbies people adopt around the world.

Creative And Useful Kitchen Gadgets
One of the many creative and useful kitchen gadgets from my most read post

As for me, my first hobby was philately, or in easier terms collecting stamps. I started collecting stamps in 1966 and continued till 1975 when I had to take on a tough profession which kept me away from my stamp albums that contain some 10,000 stamps, some as old as 1920s.

Coming back to readers' interest, my most read post so far is Creative And Useful Kitchen Gadgets which I posted on June 29, 2011. It has drawn some 221,950 views so far.

One of the ways you may be secretly watched shared in my second most viewed post

This is followed by Beware!! You are being watched with 104680 views that I shared on 25 February 2011. The third most viewed post is Ice Trays of a different type written on June 7, 2011 with 49,264 views.

Coolest Ice Cube Trays
One of the different ice trays

It really has been fun all along sharing wide array of hobbies and something new that people do around the world to keep their free time productive, enjoying and relaxing.  What is your most favoured hobby - ever shared?

All photos contained in the above three posts were shared from TechZug which graciously allowed use of their photos in my blog for the spread of information. 

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