Wednesday, June 20, 2012

5 Dumb Hobbies that Have World Championships: You won't believe this!!

Of the listed hobbies, many have world championships held all over the world to share and see what others are doing in the same sphere of hobby. Like for instance the RC Gadgets, specially aero modelling and  flying remotely controlled aircraft and helicpoters. There are international exhibitions on philately, coins collecting, phillumeny, cooking and much more.

5 Dumb Hobbies that have world championships: Am sure you won't believe this [photos:]
But ever heard a world championship for paper aeroplane throwing or stare master staring contests? although these are very mundane and basic hobbies, but let me tell you that even these 'innocent and dumb' hobbies have contests and world championships in which a large number of 'dumb hobbyists' participate and enjoy showing off their talent and interest into these otherwise dumb hobbies.

At Cracked.Com, I came across 5 such dumb hobb ies and I thought sharing it with those who have aliking for such dumb things. The 5 Dumb Hobbies You Won't Believe Have World Championships are:
Rock paper scissors world championship
Paper airplane throwing
StareMaster Staring Contests
Stone Skimming
World Pooh sick championships

Amazed - aren't you? Wel I was too but enetertainment comes from small happinesses we can gather together. Even small things can become hobbies for some while ven big things don't. 

Do read about each of the 5 Dumb hobbies listed above at Cracked.Com that have world championships - may be you can add some more if you know of any in your area other than the five listed above.


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