Wednesday, March 11, 2015

'Concorde' back in the sky

It has been a while that people last saw a Concorde in the air after its tragic incident and shelving of the project as a whole. But the Concorde lovers have not forgotten this mighty aircraft which due to its speed and unique design was once the darling of the skies over Europe.

The ill fated Air France Flight 4590 that was the last Concorde flight which ended in a disaster killing 113 people on board

While looking for a remote control aircraft, I came across a video on YouTube about this mighty aircraft which by any standards of the remote controlled aircraft seems really big and reminded me of this mighty airplane.

This remotely controlled aircraft replica of the actual Concorde is  powered by two turbines and is really huge.

Watch the video below - you will be awe stricken to see its size and majestic flight. And will also remind us of this finest aircraft and how tragically it came to an end.

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