Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Creative And Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen is one place where most of the innovative gadgets of the house are stored and certainly why not? Because from here the best dishes are baked and cooked by the lady of the house that decorate the dinning table and to the delight of entire family.

Here are some very innovative and useful kitchen gadgets that come handy when 'solving' kitchen problems like peeling, cutting, kneading and mixing. In this post I share some of these gadgets and once you take a look at this collection of bizarre and sometimes useful kitchen gadgets you will realize that the human imagination has no limit.

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The cooker is by far my favorite, and the automatic potato peeler is downright lazy, but the Wave Box, or portable microwave is pretty special.

Did you like these? Which is yours best?

Source: Techzug
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  1. What's with the cybernetic chopsticks?=) I could have good use for that avocado slicer.

    - kitchen units webmaster

  2. hey, thanks for not providing links. Awesome job, dude. Not.

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