Friday, March 6, 2015

1965 Ford Mustang is Reborn

While driving is a hobby, whether new , old or vintage vehicles, putting cars on road back from junk yard is equally a passionate hobby for some. And this is exactly Mr Shakeel, a 47 years old mechanic in Karachi, Pakistan does - putting vintage cars back on road in perfect running condition - in fact as good as a new car.

I just came across the news at Pakistan Today about the passion of this man who has given a new life to all time favourite Ford Mustang model 1965.

Mr Shakeel runs an auto workshop in Karachi boats: “Anyone can go and buy a 2015 model, But can anyone make a 1965 classic as good as new? Any person with a passion and love for cars would go to lengths to buy a scrapped Ford Mustang.”

Shakeel Autos has dominantly worked on restoring Japanese-made cars but the American-built 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback was brought to them as a challenge in 2014. “This car is manufactured worldwide but I don’t remember it being manufactured or restored ever before in Pakistan,” Shakeel says.

Source: Pakistan Today

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