Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Auction of Lord Raglan’s 1930 vintage cars

Lord Raglan who died last year at the age of 82, left behind many precious things including two 1930 vintage cars eyed by many to add to their collection. So now a year after his death his Bugatti Type 51 and Cabriolet have been auctioned off in Paris recently for a hefty £1.3 million. It may be added here that Lord Raglan was the patron of the Bugatti Owners Club.
The Bugatti Type 51 fetched £800,000 while Cabriolet fetched £500,000 in the Bonhams auction house at Champs Elysee in Paris. Bugatti Type 51 was built in France in 1933, the first in a batch of five type 51 Bugattis.
The type 51 owned by the deceased lord is a beautiful two seater racing car. It is claimed to be at the epitome of Bugatti's design for grand prix cars of that era. The car is incredibly light, very, very powerful, besides a superb road grip. “It’s is driving in these vintage cars that one really enjoys the great fun of driving,” Ian Patton, general manager of Bugatti Owner's Club, has been quoted to have said.


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