Sunday, June 3, 2012

What would be iPhone 5 Like?

When instead of iPhone, Apple brought out a mid way solution between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 in the shape of iPhone 4S, many Apple enthusiasts were terribly disappointed and annoyed. Even those who opted to buy iPhone 4S were equally disappointed - but the wiser elected to wait for iPhone whenever it may come.

Now speculators are worrying what would be iPhone 5 like?
I have gone through a series of posts on iPhone 5 and thought I should combine all these to let the iPhone 5 enthusiasts know how would iPhone would look like or should I say would be expected to look.

Speculation-1: iPhone 5 to have Dual-Core CPU, 1GB RAM and SGX543 GPU Variant.
Speculation-2: iPhone 5 will have a taller glass panel as compared to iPhone 4S.
Speculation-3: iPhone 5 to have a Metal Back Plate.
Speculation-4:  The next iPhone would support a variant of A5x chip which would contain an ARM S5L8950X processing core, 1GB of RAM and “something entirely new” for the graphics subsystem. 
Speculation-5: The next iPhone would be referenced as a model iPhone 5,1 or “N41AP”.
Speculation-6: The GPU chip, which will continue to be part of the SoC, is called “SGX543RC*” (the asterisk is another sensitive number that could identify people working on the device) - This GPU technically does not exist yet.
Well people had many expectations when iPhone 4S surfaced - but their hopes and expectations were shattered. I wonder what would happen when iPhone 5 or whatever it would be called is introduced. 

In the meantime Samsung Galaxy S-III is making headlines and has enormous features. Would iPhone % beat it? What do you say? 


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