Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The remotely controlled battlefield

The RC hobbyists have fathomless imagination and innovative mind. We have been sharing the remotely controlled fighters, ships and cars in our previous posts - but this video on a remotely controlled battlefield stopped me and thought of sharing it with my readers who love remotely controlled gadgets.

See how a battlefield has been simulated with tanks rolling, crushing the objects that come their way and airplane bombing. 

One can see the battlefield smoke and cannon firing. This is really classic.

Watch the video below:

Video courtesy: FinalCutKing

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Five pre world war antique cars found in Texas barn

Vintage cars are always a a fantasy for the art collectors around the world. But what if someone finds five perfectly preserved cars in a barn?

Well as luck would have had it, a Texas car collector has made the discovery of a lifetime in an Austin barn - a trove that might fetch $700,000 if pout to auction.

As reported, the unique collection consists of three Cadillac built between 1932 and 1938, a 1923 electric model from the defunct maker and a 1908 REO Model G Boattail Roadster.

The cars found in the barn are owned by a man who moved to Texas from Wisconsin in the 70s. It is said that the owner always intended to fix up the vehicles, but never found the time.

Watch the video below:

Read more at Daily Mail

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Google takes Beatles' fans inside Abbey Road Studios

Remember the famous walk of the Beatles on the Abbey Road? Well I do as it was in my early teens that this 'great' cross over happened, photographed and immortalized as the four Beatles crossed over.

Now Google has come up with an innovative idea - Google's new interactive tour of the studio.

The Abbey Road studio (above) was not only home to the Beatles singing and dancing to their melodious tunes, but also  other great singers like Stevie Wonder and Radiohead.

With this new interactive tour innovated by Google using the Street View technology, the Beatles' fans will have a rare opportunity to peep inside the famous Studio One - where many super hit songs and film scores were recorded.

Narrated by Giles Martin, the son of Beatles producer George Martin, each room's tour is chock full of timelines, photographs, YouTube clips, and time-lapse videos.

Take the tour Here

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French diver jumps into 660 feet deep undersea sink-hole without oxygen (Video)

Diving is one of the hobbies people love around the world - but you would not believe it that a French diver jumped into a 660 feet deep sink-hole in the Bahamas without any oxygen mask and comes back to surface as if he had dived from a diving board into a swimming pool.

Watch the video below

The stunning feat of diving has been recorded on video and leave one watch it in awe and fear. But for the French diver Guillame NĂ©ry it is thrill and adventure. How could he do it without oxygen - well Some free divers can hold their breath for more than 20 minutes.

The Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas is the second deepest underwater sink-hole in the world.

The video shown below was filmed in 2010 by the Frenchman's girlfriend and fellow freediver Julie Gautier, but has been made public now.

Read more about it at Daily Mail

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pluto captured in colour for the first time

Good news for the astronomers, sky gazers and hobbyists trying to probe the starry universe above. The New Horizons probe has captured its first image of Pluto - the distant dwarf planet.

The rather blurry and hazy picture which has been released by the US space agency NASA shows a reddish Pluto along with its biggest moon Charon.

It may be added that New Horizons is set to barrel past Pluto on 14th July this year. This significant event  will complete the reconnaissance of the "classical nine" planets of our Solar System.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Around the world in 621 days - British athlete beats world record

Kevin Carr on Australia's longest straight road 

There was a film 'Around the world in 80 days' which I saw in my childhood. The films starring David Niven and Shirley MacLaine was released in 1956, which was both a mix of adventure and comedy. The film was nominated for eight Oscars, of which it was awarded five, including the awards for the best picture, best cinematography, best film editing, best music and best writing.

But that was a fiction and a mere movie. In one of my previous posts, I shared the joy of an old couple who sailed around the world and completed their arduous adventure in some 36 years. That was a long time which the couple took when they started their journey in 1974 - ending it in 2000.

And yet again there has been an adventure of a real kind in which Kien Lam from San Francisco has ventured an 'Around the world in 6,237 photos and in 343 days.' Kien Lam captured over 6,000 photos taken from his Panasonic Lumix GF-1 camera of the 17 countries he visited and traveled in 343 days.

The quest for adventure thus never dies and every now and then we hear of people attempting to round up the world to set new records and milestones.

Recently a lone British athlete, 34 years old Kevin Carr, ran for 621 days to run round the world and also became the fastest man to do so. It took him running a marathon each day for two years to round up the world. During his solo around the world adventure running, he was often chased by wolves and even bears. He survived two run overs and all such odds and completed his run around the world.

Carr carried his luggage in a stroller, that weighed twice as much as he did, he pushed while running around the world.

He covered a total distance of 16,300 miles and crossed 26 countries. He began his epic voyage at Haytor on Dartmoor in July 2013 and returned yesterday after 621 days, one quicker than the previous record, held by Australian Tom Denniss.

See the video of Carr's solo ran around the world adventure below:

You may read about the two adventures mentioned in the post here:
Read more about Carr's adventure at Daily Mail / Photos and video shared from Daily Mail

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The universe - the fathomless frontiers beyond

Astronomy and sky gazing are hobbies that a large number of people adopt or love to adopt. Looking up to the sky in a dark night gives us a sky-scape consisting of trillions of tiny stars shinning above us. Almost all stars, even the nearest which we call our sun, are so far away away that one cannot never think of reaching out to them. The next star to the sun is 110 light years away - imagine the distance.

But while the powerful and the Almighty God created this unfathomable universe, He gave us knowledge - knowledge of science and astronomy to just have a 'feel' of his mighty empire He alone has the control over it. And the beauty is that the entire universe is moving in a set time frame so precisely calculated that no star and its planets get out of the respective orbits. And if that happens, the entire universe would collapse - perhaps that would be the Armageddon - or the doomsday.

The mention of the vastness of the universe and its timed movement appears in holy scriptures and books. God says in Quran: ''And He (is) The One Who created the night and the daytime, and the sun and the moon, each swimming in an orbit.''.......also God says : '' It does not behoove the sun to overtake the moon, nor does the night outstrip the daytime, and each is swimming in an orbit.'

I just came across a video on Facebook, prepared by the American Museum of Natural History, which shows the incredible God has created around us. When I saw the video, I just thought how very small or in fact tiny we are as compared to what else exists around us.

Watch the video - seeing is believing

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This is only the part of the universe known to the man today - may be tomorrow and and the day afters man knows much more than he knows today - may be he finds people living out there we portray as aliens in our movies these days.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A day with the dolphins at the Dutch Dofinarium

Everyone loves to see dolphins - the giggling giant fish that we see in movies entertaining people or even going side y side the ships in open seas - just like they were shown in the movie Titanic when this gigantic ship sailed from the port.

Like all others, I too wanted to see dolphins from close quarters and be amused. And finally I got a chance when I visited Holland in September 2014 last year. I along with my family earmarked a day to visit the famous Dutch Dofinarium in the city of Harderwijk, near Amsterdam. There are seals and walrus show too, but the dolphins carry the day. Herein under are some of the photos I took and a video that I made while watching the dolphin show at the Dofinarium - Europe's biggest sea mammals aquarium.

My son and my wife outside the big domed indoor pool for the dolphins show
 My sons readying for the dolphin show

The show began with an awesome slide show and clips about Netherlands with dramatic sound effect, as can be seen in the photos above and below before the show began.

It was as surprise that a dolphin came so close to us and was allowed to be patted by a young boy before she swam back for an awe inspiring show of almost an hour long. See some of their feats in the video at the end of the post. 

After the magnificent show was over, we had a photo session as did all the tourists inside the dome to mark our presence in the Dolfinarium - something that is a life time meomry.

A tourist was nice to shoot us after the end of the dolphin show
We the couple posing in front of the dolphin show domed pool

Now it is time to watch the video of the spectacular show by the dolphins of Dolfinarium:

Originally posted at my travel blog JahoJalal
Photos Credit: All photos have been taken by me and are accordingly copyrighted

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brace for Apple iDrone

I think many would have thought that after unveiling the much awaited smartwatch, Apple has been dried of the ideas. But to surprise of many, there is yet many things the Apple has up its sleeve to ks and gadget enthusiasts.

Here comes Apple's Drone!! Surprised? Well some may be as drone may not have been on the wish list of gadgets geeks as far Apple is concerned.

The drone or should we say 'iDrone' has surfaced - though in a conceptual stage. But the photos leaked show something sleek and curvy that may one day be darling of the gadget lovers or those who love to fly remotely controlled planes.

As can be seen from the leaked photos, the iDrone is likely to be equipped with four cameras that may provide a panoramic aerial view live.

The iDrone is likely to be be seen in the sky around you a year from now in 2016.

Source: quadrocopter.org

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Monday, March 16, 2015

The 'Real Bird Eye View' of Dubai

Hobbyists are amazing people. They always find something novel to dream, adopt and finally give it a real practical life. Ever thought of flying in the air and seeing the world below? Well at one time or even more in our lives, everyone does dream of flying in the air and seeing the world below.

When the aircraft was being invented, or should I see when the man was trying to imitate the birds and fly like them, many enthusiasts made structures and gadgets that looked like a bird and by means of mechanical actions they tried to fly. However, the could not, till the aircraft was invented.  

But how about a bird eye - the real one? Well I just saw a video and straightaway got on to writing this post to share something that really gives us a bird eye of Dubai. The enthusiasts wrapped a camera over an eagle and flew him from he top of the Dubai's Burj Khalifa, as can be seen from the photo above. The bird flew magnificently, hovering over Dubai and giving us a live coverage of the Dubai or the bird eye of Dubai. The 'Eagle then lands' dead on ground landing site on its trainer's hand amid a huge applause from the onlookers.

Watch this magnificent video below:

Amazing - isn't it?

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The hobby of Aircraft Spotting

This photograph was taken by me with my Sony DSC H2 camera on 28 March 2013 and shared on Flickr as 'Bird Watching' on my page Jalalspages

Airplanes have always fascinated children - and many adults too. And it is just an intrinsic instinct to look up and see which aircraft it is as soon as someone listens to the sound of an aircraft in the sky. Like a huge number of hobbyists, aircraft spotting has been one of my favourites hobbies since my childhood.

The hobby of aircraft spotting is not only restricted to spotting and watching the aircraft, but it also includes photographing the aircraft both parked on the airports or flying in the air. Hobbyists even go to the extent of compiling logs of aircraft tail numbers or commonly known as the registration numbers.

Aircraft spotting is not restricted to aircraft only, it includes all sorts of flying objects like the helicopters, balloons, airships, drones and gliders.

The aircraft spotters are so expert that some of them can recognize the aircraft even without looking up and  can tell the type of aircraft by listening to their sound or even the vapour trail left behind by their engines.

This photograph was taken by me from the car before entering The Hague I visited last September - can you tell which aircraft is this?

Some of the key features that assist an onlooker about the make and type of the aircraft include the following:

  • Type of the aircraft wings (Polyhedral, Diehedral, Anhedral or Gull Wings)
  • The placing of the aircraft wings (on top of the fuselage, centre or bottom of the fuselage)
  • Shape of the wings (swept forward or swept back)
  • The number of wings that indicate whether the aircraft is a monoplane, biplane or tail-plane)
  • The position of the tail-plane relative to the fin(s) and the shape of the fin are other attributes. 
  • The shape of the fuselage is also a major indicator of the type of the aircraft (Boeing 747 being a typical fuselage that differentiates it from the rest of the aircraft)
  • The placing of the engine and the number of engines on the wing or even on the tail (remember DC-10 with its one engine mounted on its tail-plane?)

Well this is some 'food for thought' for the emerging and novices in the field of aircraft spotting. I shall write more about it in my future posts.

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Listening my teenage songs

Teenage is the best age one lives in one's life - it is carefree, memorable and full of 'first' experiences of every kind. Listening to music is one of the hallmark of teenage and the songs and singers heard and listened to in the teenage become one's lifelong memories.

Even at 60 today, the songs I listened to in my teenage are still my all time favourite - although much to the disgust of my teenage children who think these quite outdated and out of tune compared to their standards and likes. I do not blame them as I also did not like to listen to songs that my father listened to - though I cherish the memories of him playing his 78-RPM vinyl records on his HMS' Gramophone. 

Coming back to my teenage songs, here are some of the best songs of my 'life' when I was young and which I still frequently listen to:

  • Not a second time (The Beatles)
  • You've gotta friend (James Last)
  • Play me (Neil Diamond)
  • You're my world (Tom Jones)
  • Yesterday (The Beatles)
  • Yesterday once more (The Carpenters)
  • Annie's Song (John Denver)
  • Have you ever been mellow (Olivia Newton John) 
  • There's kind of hush (The Carpenters)
  • Faster Than the Speed of Night (Bonnie Tyler)
  • When I'm 64 (The Beatles) - just four more years to go for me!!

As for the instrumentals, I loved and liked The Ventures, Herb Alpert, James Last and of course Paul Mauriat. Some of the my favourite instrumentals are:

  • Love is Blue (Paul Mauriat) - perhaps the best instrumental ever
  • It was a very good year (Herb Alpert)
  • Walk don't run (The Ventures)

Quite old you would say - well yes as old as my youth and teenage. But I treasure these for I grew up listening such songs and many more by these singers. Who do you listen too of your teenage life?

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