Friday, July 3, 2015

Handstand at the edge of 3000 feet high cliff

Man has always been restive all along his life. It is his this inborn ability that makes him undertake amazing feats of physical fitness and endurance that amaze the onlookers. Whether it is climbing the Everest or jumping down from a skyscraper or wandering in the wilderness to test his physical enduring limits - we find man everywhere with awe inspiring experiences every now and then.

Just today, I came across one such man whose video was shared at the Facebook who did a handstand - not on plain ground, but on the edge of a 3,000 feet rugged cliff and then parachuting down and landing on the edge of a lake below. 

Now this is some test of one's abilities as such a feat over rugged mountains with stone boulders jutting out, which could be fatal and dangerous for anyone attempting the feat right from the edge of the cliff. But it is people like this dare devil that we see some of the most exciting and dangerous acts to our amazement.

Watch the video below and see how someone could gather guts to do a handstand from the edge of a cliff and then have a free fall over the boulders which could cause him bones breaking fatalities - but he still dared!!

Who likes doing hand stands :) Do you think you would want to do one on the edge of a 3,000 foot cliff :)
Posted by Jeb Corliss on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Patrick Macnee - The John Steed of The Avengers dies at 93

Macnee with Diana Rigg - the main stars of The Avengers

Those who watched TV in the 60s would remember Patrick Macnee - the main character of the TV serial The Avengers. Well if you remember him, he is no more as he dies at 93.

Patrick Macnee starred in the Avengers as John Steed, a secret agent, just like the 007. His female co partner Diana Rigg appeared as Miss Emma Peel. Both made an outstanding pair in the serial that ruled the TV world throughout the 60s - in black and white. 

Patrick Macnee was educated at Eton College, he served in the Royal Navy during World War Two, working on torpedo boats in the English Channel and the North Sea. After the war, he worked as an actor, taking on a number of small roles in film and TV.

Read more about Patrick Macnee at The Independent

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The last surviving U-Boat 995 Type VII-C

While in Kiel , Germany, I am always looking for historical places to visit. Since Kiel was, and still is, a major shipping port of Germany during the WW-II and was also home to one of the biggest ship building city, specially the submarines or the famous U-Boats. And I was happy to know that one of the last surviving U-Boat 995 type VII was docked near the naval museum in the town of Laboe, not far from Kiel. So on a rather cold and windy day, we boarded the bus to Laboe to visit the U-Boat.

 The welcome sign to Laboe - that reads: Laboe harbour is more than just sea

We reached Laboe alright - but the language problem was one big hurdle in getting to know the directions to the U-Boat. This consumed a lot of time to finally find someone who could point in the direction - but that was a long walking along the beach in cold and windy almost evening. Had we known that there was a lot of walking, we could have come earlier. 

So we walked and walked and when finally reached the Naval Museum, the museum had closed and so the boat too. So we had just time before the evening to see the museum (below) and the boat from the outside.

Laboe Naval Memorial (above), also known as the Laboe Tower - the 72 meters high tower wit an observation deck on top was constructed by 1937 in the memory of German sailors who died during WW I 

And the U-Boat: This particular U-Boat 995 Type VIIC class was commissioned in 1943 and had the honour of sinking three ships, one auxiliary ship, one war ship and one another. At the end of the war, the boat was at the Norwegian port Trondheim and surrendered to the British. It then became part of the Norwegian Navy, called Kaura. It retired from the active service in 1965 and was sold to Germany, and thus became part of the Laboe Naval Memorial in 1971.

 Posing in  front of the massive boat

While for me the U-Boat was a thriller, the youth was enjoying para gliding in the windy Baltic Sea. We hurried back as it was almost evening and we had a bus to catch to reach back Kiel.

However, we had time to visit a few souvenir shops - and from one of these I bought a replica of U-Boat that now lies atop the computer speakers of my desktop - reminding me of a memorable visit!!

Originally posted in my blog Jaho Jalal at:
Jaho Jalal: Laboe, Germany – home to the lone surviving U-Boat

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Keep your camera ready always - you may catch something stunning (Video)

Photography is one of the most adopted hobbies around the world. Everyday tons of photos are shot and uploaded on the net, some really stunning, awesome and leave the viewers awe stricken.

However, the best photos are those which are taken when many like to watch a catastrophe happening or an accident taking place. There are few who choose to freeze the moment or even make a video.

It takes seconds for an aviation disaster to occur and withing a few seconds more, the debris fall on the ground or sea - the moment is too short to capture. But those who always keep their cameras ready, may capture a moment of lifetime.

It is not necessary that any viewing may end up in an accident, but a casual viewing, shooting or a video may become priceless if an accident occurs.

I just came across this video by an amateur photographer, who made a video of two aircraft performing a routine above the skies of Alba Adriatica  on Italy's east coast.

While one of the pilots of the aircraft was lucky to survive, the other wasn't and perished, sadly.

Watch the video below:


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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The hobby of body shaping

[Photo: Pixabay]

Yes - body shaping and making it muscular is hobby of many around the world. Not only men, but a large number of women too like to tone their bodies into muscles to have a well toned bodies. Sometimes this hobby turns into many opting for professional body building and become world famous body builders and exhibitionists.

However, this hobby is not that simple as body toning and muscling requires strenuous exercises and routine to adhere to. Besides it also requires proper diet that aids in making and maintaining muscles for long time.

But how to go about it - if you are thinking to kick start a muscle building and toning programme? Well if this is done methodically after knowing how many muscles our body has and how each requires a different technique to shape and build.

See the diagram below and know how each muscle is build and how each muscle requires a skilled exercise programme:

Master Your Muscles

Amazing isn't it? This is the world of body building and muscle making - take it step by step under professional guidance to shape up yourself!!

Diagram courtesy: Decibelnutrition

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The remotely controlled battlefield

The RC hobbyists have fathomless imagination and innovative mind. We have been sharing the remotely controlled fighters, ships and cars in our previous posts - but this video on a remotely controlled battlefield stopped me and thought of sharing it with my readers who love remotely controlled gadgets.

See how a battlefield has been simulated with tanks rolling, crushing the objects that come their way and airplane bombing. 

One can see the battlefield smoke and cannon firing. This is really classic.

Watch the video below:

Video courtesy: FinalCutKing

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Five pre world war antique cars found in Texas barn

Vintage cars are always a a fantasy for the art collectors around the world. But what if someone finds five perfectly preserved cars in a barn?

Well as luck would have had it, a Texas car collector has made the discovery of a lifetime in an Austin barn - a trove that might fetch $700,000 if pout to auction.

As reported, the unique collection consists of three Cadillac built between 1932 and 1938, a 1923 electric model from the defunct maker and a 1908 REO Model G Boattail Roadster.

The cars found in the barn are owned by a man who moved to Texas from Wisconsin in the 70s. It is said that the owner always intended to fix up the vehicles, but never found the time.

Watch the video below:

Read more at Daily Mail

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Google takes Beatles' fans inside Abbey Road Studios

Remember the famous walk of the Beatles on the Abbey Road? Well I do as it was in my early teens that this 'great' cross over happened, photographed and immortalized as the four Beatles crossed over.

Now Google has come up with an innovative idea - Google's new interactive tour of the studio.

The Abbey Road studio (above) was not only home to the Beatles singing and dancing to their melodious tunes, but also  other great singers like Stevie Wonder and Radiohead.

With this new interactive tour innovated by Google using the Street View technology, the Beatles' fans will have a rare opportunity to peep inside the famous Studio One - where many super hit songs and film scores were recorded.

Narrated by Giles Martin, the son of Beatles producer George Martin, each room's tour is chock full of timelines, photographs, YouTube clips, and time-lapse videos.

Take the tour Here

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French diver jumps into 660 feet deep undersea sink-hole without oxygen (Video)

Diving is one of the hobbies people love around the world - but you would not believe it that a French diver jumped into a 660 feet deep sink-hole in the Bahamas without any oxygen mask and comes back to surface as if he had dived from a diving board into a swimming pool.

Watch the video below

The stunning feat of diving has been recorded on video and leave one watch it in awe and fear. But for the French diver Guillame NĂ©ry it is thrill and adventure. How could he do it without oxygen - well Some free divers can hold their breath for more than 20 minutes.

The Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas is the second deepest underwater sink-hole in the world.

The video shown below was filmed in 2010 by the Frenchman's girlfriend and fellow freediver Julie Gautier, but has been made public now.

Read more about it at Daily Mail

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pluto captured in colour for the first time

Good news for the astronomers, sky gazers and hobbyists trying to probe the starry universe above. The New Horizons probe has captured its first image of Pluto - the distant dwarf planet.

The rather blurry and hazy picture which has been released by the US space agency NASA shows a reddish Pluto along with its biggest moon Charon.

It may be added that New Horizons is set to barrel past Pluto on 14th July this year. This significant event  will complete the reconnaissance of the "classical nine" planets of our Solar System.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Around the world in 621 days - British athlete beats world record

Kevin Carr on Australia's longest straight road 

There was a film 'Around the world in 80 days' which I saw in my childhood. The films starring David Niven and Shirley MacLaine was released in 1956, which was both a mix of adventure and comedy. The film was nominated for eight Oscars, of which it was awarded five, including the awards for the best picture, best cinematography, best film editing, best music and best writing.

But that was a fiction and a mere movie. In one of my previous posts, I shared the joy of an old couple who sailed around the world and completed their arduous adventure in some 36 years. That was a long time which the couple took when they started their journey in 1974 - ending it in 2000.

And yet again there has been an adventure of a real kind in which Kien Lam from San Francisco has ventured an 'Around the world in 6,237 photos and in 343 days.' Kien Lam captured over 6,000 photos taken from his Panasonic Lumix GF-1 camera of the 17 countries he visited and traveled in 343 days.

The quest for adventure thus never dies and every now and then we hear of people attempting to round up the world to set new records and milestones.

Recently a lone British athlete, 34 years old Kevin Carr, ran for 621 days to run round the world and also became the fastest man to do so. It took him running a marathon each day for two years to round up the world. During his solo around the world adventure running, he was often chased by wolves and even bears. He survived two run overs and all such odds and completed his run around the world.

Carr carried his luggage in a stroller, that weighed twice as much as he did, he pushed while running around the world.

He covered a total distance of 16,300 miles and crossed 26 countries. He began his epic voyage at Haytor on Dartmoor in July 2013 and returned yesterday after 621 days, one quicker than the previous record, held by Australian Tom Denniss.

See the video of Carr's solo ran around the world adventure below:

You may read about the two adventures mentioned in the post here:
Read more about Carr's adventure at Daily Mail / Photos and video shared from Daily Mail

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