Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Photo shoot of a beautiful evening

 It was a wonderful evening today. The sky was full of dark grey and black clouds in the East. But in the West, the fading sun was able to pierce through the dark black thick clouds and spray its last fading sunlight everywhere before disappearing over the horizon for the day. 
The huge Bismarckia plant got its full share of golden sun rays

Scroll down for more below.

I was out just by chance and was fascinating and awe struck by the beautiful colour combination of dark background with a golden pale sunlight on the building in front. And just could not resist to take a couple of shots - which perhaps are my best setting sun photos.

Here are some more:


I hope you liked these.
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Monday, April 3, 2017

Undertaker says goodbye to WWE Career

Wrestling is one of the most watched entertainment programmes on the TV and even live at the WWE arenas. WWE has produce some of the remarkable wrestlers that have entertained the audience and viewers since long. While one can count the legends on finger tips, some will remain in the hearts of the wrestling fans. And surely Undertaken has been one of those very few who appeared with awe and left after a display of most pleasing professional wrestling.

Under taker has been one of my favourites and I never missed watching his wrestling whenever he was there. But watching the Wrestlemania 33 was really heart breaking, for I saw my favourite leaving the arena for the last time.

His match with Roman Reigns was really a thriller but the outcome was rather heart breaking as the legend who once ruled the arena was down there unable to get up like his typical posture for a last thrashing of his opponent.

Many thought that he may still walk out clad in has typical long coat and hat, but to their dismay, he rested his iconic leather coat and hat in the centre of the ring, evoking a keen sense of sadness amid the entire audience of Wrestlemania 33. There were tears in the eyes of almost everyone who were stunned on the outcome of the match and saw a legend walking out - this time without his long coat and hat - bringing an end to his 27 years of wrestling career forever.

He had an illustrious career for having won World Heavyweight Championship (3 times), WWE Hardcore Championship - once, WWF (World Heavyweight) Championship/WWE Undisputed Championship (4 times) and Royal Rumble (2007).

So it is goodbye Undertaker - the world of wrestling and your countless fans will always mis you - for there won't ever be one like you again.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Golden Evening

Sunsets are always captivating. Unless like dawns which we often miss due to our sleep time and for these being very short lived, the sunsets are visible for quite a long time and offer captivating hues whit spellbound effect.

I am always on the lookout of such sunsets wherever I may be. The ability of our cellphone cameras to provide an instant capturing capability, makes us capture the fascinating evening glow of the setting sun against a fast turning dark sky. Here are a few sunset shots that I took day before yesterday when the sky look bathed in gold.

So make use of your cell phone camera if you happen to be out of your house or workplace in the evening with a clear view of the horizon and the setting sun is right there disappearing leaving behind fast changing colours from golden to red and then gone forever.

Try it !!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Photographers Get Ready: November 14 will have Bigger Moon in 70 Years

Finally the Full Moon
One of my best moon shot taken in October 2007 - also shared on Flickr (JalalsPages)

Moon shooting is one of best hobby of the photographers, both amateurs and professionals, around the world. And here comes a rare moment in one's life to shoot one of the biggest moon ever in 70 years.

Yes, it is going to be the 14th of November this year when we will get a chance to see a bigger supermoon. This phenomenon occurred in January 1948 the last time - seven years before I was even born!!

As described by Science Alert website, the supermoon on 14 November will appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than an average full moon. And if you miss this chance, the next occurrence will not be as early as 25 November 2034, which is yet another 18 years from now.

As per NASA, "The full moon of November 14 is not only the closest full moon of 2016, but also the closest full moon to date in the 21st century."


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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The fun of shooting a setting sun

One of the most compelling times to shoot is the evenings when the sun is just about to disappear over the horizon. The pale red and orange light is so fascinating that one is really spellbound and stops in one's track wheresoever one may be. For photographers, both professionals and amateurs or the hobbyists, this is a God given opportunity to freeze the moment and cherish the memories.
Like many people around the world, sunsets also fascinate me and am always on the lookout for sun to start going down leaving me awestruck by the multiple hues on the horizon. Thanks to my cellular phone that always come handy to shoot and freeze the moment wherever I may be. But off course, when I am at home, I take out my camera and wait for the right time - but for that one has to be at home and free.

One other reason why I cannot resist shooting sun sets - as these rob one more day of my life - these are sad moments but how very beautiful.

In this post, I am sharing some of my sunset shots, the first on the top of the post being the latest, taken just yesterday.

some of these photos have been shared on my Flickr page JalalsPages
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Flying Bum - the world's largest aircraft crash lands

Airlander 10, also called the Flying Bum owing to its bum like rear has crash landed on its second flight while flying over Bedfordshire.

The Flying Bum is said to be world's largest aircraft- a hybrid of an airplane and airship remained in the air for about 100 minutes - though designed to fly for consecutive five days.

Watch the video of the crash below:

Video: YouTube

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Drone Fishing

Fishing is a loving pastime and a widely adopted hobby around the world. On weekends and holidays, one find avid fishing enthusiasts sitting by lake sides or even on river banks and seashores in a quest to catch a fish or two.

I too once caught a fish with a crude fishing rod and was to jubilant to have my catch in my hand. One cannot explain the joy when the fishing rod moves and gives an indication of something being hooked on. 

while the conventional fishing goes on, the modern technology is making a difference, specially with the availability of drones and quad copters. Just today I saw this video on Facebook and could not resist sharing with my fishing hobbyists - may be some take a cue from this video and incorporate the technology in their traditional pastime.

Now watch this amazing fishing video of Tuna with the help of drone:

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Halley’s comet to shower its flashy lights this Wednesday-Thursday

Here comes the day the sky watchers and sky gazers await eagerly: The Halley’s comet with all its flashes and one of the world’s most incredible meteor showers.

People in the Southern Hemisphere will have the best of the show while those in the Northern Hemisphere may get a lesser show in the early mornings. However for all, the best time to see the shower is between 3 am and 5 am your local time.

Tips on how to view the best of the show: NASA suggests finding an area well away from city or street lights, prepared with a sleeping bag, blanket or chair to view the Eta Aquarids,.

Read details at Daily Mail

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

You wont believe it - these F-16s are RC

Flying remotely controlled aircraft is one of the most liked and adopted hobbies of people around the world. Although flying small model aircraft  is the fun of the most hobbyists, but flying huge model aircraft is exclusive to some as these big birds cost more and more expertise as a crash may result in dooming a large sum of money.

Yet, despite the exorbitant cost, some lovers of aircraft do fly big model aircraft which when in air or shot from close quarters look as if an actual aircraft is flying. Earlier I have shared videos of the world's smallest RC helicopter, size of your computer mouse, as well as big or should I say world's largest RC aircraft such as C-17 and the SuperFortress. But today I am sharing almost real F-16!!

I came across this video shared on Facebook and thought my RC aircraft loving friends would enjoy watching a sortie of F-16s, the Fighting Falcons, taking to the sky just like real F-16s we seee in war documentaries and movies. So brace yourself and watch the video below:

I hope it was worth watching it!!!

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Homemade solutions are the Easy Solutions !!

There are many problems around us, specially in our homes that have easy solutions but somehow we do not ponder over solutions and try find ready made answers to our problems. May be we are too tired after heavy loads of work in the office due to which we select for custom made solutions rather than home remedies.

Charging mobile phones has always been a problem. We too frequently stumble into the wires while walking about as we ignore the sockets where we have inserted the mobile chargers. But some people, who despite been busy in their daily chores, also find time to find homemade solutions to cater for our smaller problems.

Don't believe it? Well you just need to watch the video below, I came across on Facebook, and see how an empty bottle of shampoo can turn into a colourful mobile charger by someone who has a mind full of ideas and innovation.

OHBOY! That's Awesome!
Posted by Luxury Life on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

See how by applying a little common sense and innovation, we can turn useless throwaway things into something useful - and also looking elegant and beautiful.

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