Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ingenuity - anyone?

Ingenuity of mind is something that makes you different and stand you out from the rest. Whatever advancements we see today are the results of innovations of people much shades better than us - for they thought of an idea and put it to practice.

When I was a child, I could not read time as the position of the hands always confused me. And I would always think that there there should be numbers instead of watch hands. I only thought and then left it to someone else's imagination to design a digital watch many years later. 

I just saw a video today and was amazed at someone's ingenuity of mind that comes up a simple, yet unique idea to clean narrow necked vases - something that most housewives find hard to do. The video is amazing to watch showing a simple idea can give you a solution to clean narrow necked vases around.

Watch the display of this innovation:

This is really cool!
Posted by Just Eat Real Food on Monday, May 18, 2015

Do you innovate too? Do share your experiences.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

World watches Full Red Supermoon eclipse on 28 September while Pakistan will witness Penumbral lunar eclipse

Finally the Full Moon

On 28th September, most of the world would witness a full moon bathed in red as total lunar will occur - or what is called the Supermoon. It will be visible in North and South America, Africa and western Asia.

The eclipse will last 1 hour and 11 minutes and begins at 8:11pm ET (1.11am BST) and will also be seen in eastern Pacific Ocean region and Europe.

However, in Pakistan the total eclipse will not be visible - rather it will be the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. A penumbral lunar eclipse takes place when the Moon moves through the faint, outer part of the Earth's shadow. This type of eclipse is often mistaken for a normal full Moon.

The penumbral lunar eclipse will start to set in at 5:11:47 on 28 September at 265degreess from the North and will have its full eclipse around 5:44:30 at 270 degrees - just about 11 minutes before the moonset.

By full Penumbral eclipse we mean almost half of the moon having a slight shadow before its sets - while the eclipse will continue below the horizon and attain actual Penumbral eclipse by eight in the morning.

Watch a video of the process at: Time and Data
Full Moon Photo: Taken by me and shared at Flickr - Jalalspages

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Australian photographer struck by lightning claims it gave him superhuman strength

Photographers face many challenges from running lions to underwater sharks and falling rocks on mountains or escaping the swollen rivers. But the passion and hobby of shooting and preserving moments continues despite putting one's life in danger.

It was  a similar scene of life and death when an Australian photographer was recently struck by a bolt while photographing lightning on a beach.

The blackened fingers and the bent gold ring

Brian Skinner, and Australian photographer was photographing on the Newcastle beach during a storm and enjoying taking the lightning shots visible in a distance. But suddenly a bolt struck his hand, turning it charcoal black. Not only this his gold ring was also bent - which he claimed saved his life.

Almost a month after the incident, Skinner claims he had the psychic ability to hear what people were thinking and that he had superhuman 'heightened sensory capability' and could hear and see very clearly. Mr Skinner says he was very strong and jokes: 'I wondered if I was turning into Superman!'

Watch the video below that was shot by his friends standing behind him when Skinner was struck by the lightning. The video has since gone viral on the net:

Read more about this interesting yet life threatening episode at Daily Mail

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Make life easier by doing the things right we have been doing wrongly

Life today is much easier than it once used to be. With lot of gadgets, we can do things which once took lot of time and labour too. But for some, too much technology is hard to digest while some tuned to using assisted-gadgets find it hard to do simple and easier things by hand and are at loss even solving simple problems.

I belong to a generation when one remembered the tables by heart and it was no big deal to multiply or divide numbers in one's mind without the help of calculators that came by much later. And today when I go to buy grocery or small items for the kitchen, I smile at the vendor boys struggling with the calculator while I had already done the calculations and know how much I have to pay and how much I will be returned when I make the payment.

Well that was just the premise for the video I am sharing down below. These are the simple problems which someone has solved for us to make our lives much easier without using any gadgets or tools. For example you may not have known how to use a straw while drinking from a can or peeling the garlic without 'dirtying' your hands and carrying the garlic smell the whole day long.

Now watch the video below I came across on Facebook:

Few things we have been doing wrong
Posted by Shahjehan Alam on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Do give these simple solutions a try at home - and you would pray for someone who came up with these solutions for our benefit.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vintage car lovers: Do you remember this car?

A few days back I went to a nearby market for grocery shopping and the moment I came out of my car, another car partially visible stopped me right in my tracks - for I was seeing something that I first saw in early 60s - more than 50 years ago, when I was hardly six or seven years of age.

In an instant, my cell phone came out of my pocket and I moved towards 'this' car in sea green to take a few shots. Have you recognised and remembered this car, if you happen to be of my age, you would. Yes it is a Morris Minor 1000 car that first came into Pakistan in early 60s. I remember it vividly as a next day neighbour bought this while I was living in Lahore. 

British Morris Minor was built as an economy car in 1948 and its model 1000 came in 1956 continued to be produced till 1971. By February 1961 the Morris Minor became the first British car to sell more than 1,000,000 units.

In Pakistan, most of the Morris Minor 1000s were seen in Rawalpindi and a time came when this car had almost vanished from all other cities of the country, Morris Minor 1000s were still used as Taxis  - I believe till 1980s.

However, there are still some people fond of vintage cars, who have preserved this car and is spotted occasionally as did I. I waited for the owner for almost half an hour to ask him about his passion of keeping this car - but finally had to abandon my plan and buy the grocery to go home.

On Facebook, the present prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is also seen sometimes posing with his Morris Minor 1000 when he was studying in Government College Lahore. 

Another famous artist Ajaz Anwar of Lahore is also still maintaining and even driving his Morris Minor as can be seen him posing with his car in Lahore above (Photo Courtesy Ajaz Anwar's Facebook Page).

Do you like vintage cars or know someone still maintaining this once most widely used cars in Pakistan?

I originally wrote this post in my blog Jaho Jalal awhile ago - here I am sharing the same for the lovers of vintage cars.

Know more about Morris Minors at Wikipedia

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Smart Skewering

Eating out in the wilderness or even in one's small garden at night on raw fire and meat or beef skewered giving out its aroma has its own charm.

But skewering the beef or meat takes time for whosoever is tasked to do it and sometimes one gets one's fingers wounded in the process of skewering. Well not any more.

I just saw this innovative way of skewering without any chance of getting one's fingers wounded and doing it the smart way. And the result is simply outstanding: At the end of the process, one gets perfectly cut square pieces of meat or beef evenly skewered and in equal numbers.

Watch the video below and see how you can do the smart-skewering:

داهێنان بەردەوامە
Posted by Xendan on Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Did you find it innovative and interesting and practical too? Try ot sometimes!!

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hobby Lobby comes to an end

I first heard of Hobby Lobby in my childhood, the mid 60s, when one of my elder brothers Jamal Hameed Bhatti along with a friend of my eldest brother Gul Hameed Bhatti used to make RC airplanes from kits made by Hobby Lobby. We used to go to a rather non-functional runway of Lahore Flying Club and there we flew these RC planes made of Balsa wood and paper.

And inspired by the name, I initiated this blog of mine and named it Hobby Shobbys.

Now I hear that after many decades of serving the RC gadget lovers, the building from where the Hobby Lobby began in 1964 has been torn down (photo above).

This building had some nostalgic memories for all the RC pilots and gadget lovers, who looked upon it as the sole reservoir for anything that moved or flew with a RC.

JoAnne MArtin, wife of the man who founded Hobby Lobby sums up her 40 years association with Hobby Lobby as under:
I worked at HL for 40 years, met and married my husband there, and absolutely loved my job! My husband was the owner and the employees were my family! I watched both flourish and succeed! I still have my husband and I still have my family! Maybe the business and building are gone but memories will never go! I am happy knowing that my family loved it there and have moved on as "kids" will do. I think no one will ever forget their days at Hobby Lobby!
Good Bye Hobby Lobby - you shall always be missed.

Reference Source

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Trophy hunting is OK - but don't kill icons like Cecil

Once mighty  Cecil - the darling of tourists succumbs to trophy hunters

Trophy hunting has been taking place since many centuries and specially by the British royalties and the colonial rulers who could find nothing but rabbits in their prairies and turned towards prized animals in the wilderness of Africa and Indian sub-continent.

even when the colonial rulers went back, hunters continue to pour in from all over the world into Africa and hunt wild animals, specially big cats and antelopes to take back their skins and heads for decorating their homes or even selling these at exorbitant prices to the rich and famous.

While hunting is one of the most loved and adopted hobbies around the world, it draws criticism from the animal lovers who want the wild animals to be preserved for the future generations.

Recently, the killing of a majestic and mighty lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe by an American hunter, Dr Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., has drawn sharp reaction and response from across the globe. Cecil has over a period of time has almost become a darling of tourists visiting the Hwange National Park of Zimbabwe.

Reacting to the sharp outcry from the public, the White House said it would review the public petition to extradite the dentist after it exceeded the required 100,000 signatures. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said it is up to the Justice Department to respond to an extradition order. In the meanwhile the killer doctor is facing the threat of prosecution in the U.S. and his international hunting organisation membership has been suspended.

Watch the video of once mighty Cecil roaming in the Zimbabwean wilderness:

The majestic Cecil that once roamed the Hwange National Park of Zimbabwe is now no more. But time has come that strict hunting ethics are enforced and icons and landmarks like Cecil are not hunted away just for the sake of love of hunting of cold blooded individuals Dr Walter Palmer. We must safeguard the living rights of these animals and hunters must not be allowed to hunt them just because these reside in poor African countries where hunters from world dominating countries roam free, without fear of being caught and taken to justice.

Read more about Cecil and public outcry and reaction at: The Mail Online

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Snow Mowing - Innovative use of remotely controlled gadgets

Remotely controlled gadgets are fun to handle - specially flying small to big and even very big air planes - I have shared videos of some very big air planes models being remotely flown. But this is all for fun for hobbyists who take a day off, after assembling their gadgets and planes and go to green pastures to enjoying a flying day.

But this is only hobby. But what if a utility is also added to these remotely controlled gadgets to help in assisting one's manual work? Say when it snows and one has to shovel one's drive way froma sheet of snow?

I recently came across a video on Facebook and was fascinated by the innovative use of a RC gadgets - in this case a small RC earth mover assisting in clearing the driveway from the snow. Although this small gadgets cannot remove snow piled up over the night - but keeping in view its size and capability, the idea is not bad at all. Rather I would say extremely innovative and creative.

See the video below:

¡Así lo hace cualquiera jajaja! #CircoMEGA
Posted by El Circo on Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Well this is one small effort - and as I said far larger air planes are being flown by hobbyists, this tiny snow mower can also be built bigger for more strenuous work and removal of far heavier pile of snow. 

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Be attractive - build your muscles

A few weeks ago, I shared a post about body building and body shaping. The post was a instant hit because many around the world take pains to shape their bodies to look attractive and handsome. And surely, a well shaped body always draws attention, specially in high schools when boys are growing and want the prettiest girl to be their closest friends.

In my previous, I shared a diagram which elaborated the tips about the entire body as a whole. The post today specifically centres on muscle building with peculiar reference to the biceps, triceps and forearms. 

If you are trying to build your arms and biceps, do not forget to follow the tips given in the diagram given below:

Master Your Muscles Best Arm Exercises

If you want to know more about body shaping, do visit the site: Decibel

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Innovative flower pots

Gardening is one of the most loved and adopted hobbies around the world. My wife too is an avid Gardner and is always looking for novel, creative, artistic, aesthetic and innovative ways to make her garden look attractive and beautiful.

While she knows much more than I how to garden, I use my skills at computer to find new ways and methods to help her design her garden.  Recently I came across some very imaginative and creative flower 'pots' which I thought I must share for all my readers who love gardening to try some of these at their home to make their gardens adorable and attractive.

Here are some of the creative flower pots I found at Funzug and am sure you would like these to try:

These are just a few - for more see here

Photo credit: All photos have been shared with exclusive permission of

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