Thursday, April 28, 2016

You wont believe it - these F-16s are RC

Flying remotely controlled aircraft is one of the most liked and adopted hobbies of people around the world. Although flying small model aircraft  is the fun of the most hobbyists, but flying huge model aircraft is exclusive to some as these big birds cost more and more expertise as a crash may result in dooming a large sum of money.

Yet, despite the exorbitant cost, some lovers of aircraft do fly big model aircraft which when in air or shot from close quarters look as if an actual aircraft is flying. Earlier I have shared videos of the world's smallest RC helicopter, size of your computer mouse, as well as big or should I say world's largest RC aircraft such as C-17 and the SuperFortress. But today I am sharing almost real F-16!!

I came across this video and thought my RC aircraft loving friends would enjoy watching F-16s, the Fighting Falcons, taking to the sky just like real F-16s we see in war documentaries and movies. So brace yourself and watch the video below:
Hope you had fun watching this huge F-16 flying like the real one !!

PS: Regretfully I had to change the video of two F-16s as the content was removed from the social media network.

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