Thursday, February 4, 2016

Watch out!! Dutch police training eagles to catch RC drones

Lately RC drones have become an emerging hobby for many across the world. Adventurists take these drone while on a outdoor excursion while mountain climbers use these to show their climbing progress to colleagues at the base camp.

But use of these drones is increasing in cities too, where even some surveil the privacy of people in homes. The free use of these drones have also caused accidents, specially entangling these with power lines or even threatening the aerial activity around airports.

The Dutch police has thus come upon a novel idea of training eagles to catch these drones mid air to arrest their excessive and dangerous use.

Watch the video below, as shared by Mashable, and see how the eagles will be able to snatch a flying drone and bring it back to the police for confiscation:

Dutch police are training eagles to grab drones from the sky
Posted by Mashable News on Monday, February 1, 2016

This may warn the hobbyists from flying their toy drones in the open - lest these are devoured upon by the eagles!! 

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