Friday, January 17, 2014

Pocket-Sized Spy Drone that can 'Follow' Someone for You

Tiny Drone that can 'follow' for you

Drones are deadly things flying in the air - these have resulted in the killings of thousands of innocent civilians at the cost of a few generally low to medium profile terrorists. Despite the concern of collateral damage, these continue to fly unabated and kill humans.

But there are some drones that can become fun for hobbyists - these range from very small to any size imaginable. Generally these toy cum spy drones are used for fun sakes unless someone has ulterior motives.

Today, I came across a pocket-sized helicopter like drone that can send back live video coverage of the area it is flying on.

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The drone, costing mere $450, is so small that it can fit into a handbag, yet can give anyone the ability to spy from the air and it can automatically follow someone for you.

The Pocket Drone is piloted with a standard radio control unit, on a tablet with virtual sticks or by pre-defined GPS way-points. A flyer can simply drag a route for it in Google Maps, and the drone will automatically follow it.

You can also record, save and share, or download flight plans.
It even has a 'Follow Me' mode that enables the drone to follow the tablet or phone wherever it goes.

Don't believe it? See the video below:

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