Monday, November 18, 2013

Remote-control model Airbus A380 mistaken for the real thing

Remote control gadgets are fun to handle, specially when it comes to flying model air planes.

In some of our previous posts, we have shared model air planes that look real when in flight - but here something even bigger which when seen is the air almost looks real and many mistakenly thought as if the real Airbus A380 was overhead.

Scroll down for the video

The remote-controlled plane was filmed flying at an air show in Germany - With an 18ft wingspan it is 14 times smaller than the full-sized Airbus A380.

The remote controlled model of Airbus A380 in flight - many mistook it for real aircraft

The model plane is powered by powered by four jet turbines said to cost around £1,800 each.

In the video below, the pilot is shown taxiing the model Airbus A380 – with the logo of Singapore Airlines printed on the side – around a field and onto a runway:

Read more about it at Mail Online

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