Saturday, January 11, 2014

Top mind-blowing cinemagraph gifs

Many of us have been taking photos for long. Although the still photos we take are part of our memory and remind us of the days with near and dear ones or at place we may never visit again, these are kind of lifeless for obvious reasons.

But now technology and advancement in field of photography and camera making allow us to take photos in gif format wherein we can have a portion of the photos showing motion - like a TV running in the background or fire in the fire place.

But even before that, there have been photographers and innovators, who have been adding life to still photos - combing cinemagraph and gif effect to add life to the photos.

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg are among a few who has ventured into cinemagraph gifs and created some very stunning and eye catching effects. Here in under are some of Beck's artwork - see these and you will be simply dazed and amazed:

Here are some more to the amazing cinemagraph GIFs above:

Which one of the above you think is the most innovative and eye catching?

But wait - there are many more given at the link below:
Source: Cinemagraph GIFs from r/CinemaGraphsHongkiat, and Trip Wire Magazine

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