Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Egg Yoke separating made easier without a mess [video]

We often seen women and chefs dirtying their hands for separating the egg yokes from whites while baking or making dishes where such separation is required.

But not anymore: we now have a simple 'device' that can suck the egg yoke without making any mess in the kitchen.

After the egg has been cracked into a bowl the gadget, which works like a pipette, sucks up the yolk into a wide-mouthed plastic nozzle when the rubber top is squeezed.

It then holds the yolk safely until the cook is ready to use it, when with another squeeze of the top it plops it back out in one piece.

This amazing and simple device has been invented by Hamish Dobbie, 30, a mechanical engineer, from Auckland, New Zealand.

See the video below:

via Mail Online
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