Sunday, March 25, 2012

Want something sweet after dinner? Try 'Kheer' - Asian Rice Pudding tonight

Many people like something sweet to eat after the dinner. The sweet dishes different from place to place, from ice cream in summers to many forms of cakes, puddings and chocolates. But ever tried something eastern?

The easters desserts are not only different, these have a very distinctive and aromatic taste. Most of the eastern desserts are made of milk, sugar and many add ons. 'Kheer' is one of the most easily made desserts, with main ingredients like milk, sugar and rice. Normally it is taken cold with almonds either sprinkled over it or even added during the process of cooking.

The video herein under is by a lady who visited Lahore, Pakistan and learnt how to make 'Kheer' from her host. She shared here experience on YouTube and I am sharing for you. Try this simple recipe and you would definitely love it and sharing with friends. 


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