Monday, March 5, 2012

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

Well well well ! It has been quite a while that I posted something about recipes and eatables. There have been many things going on elsewhere that I could not think of eating myself.

Today, still engrossed in elections in Russia, Golfing in Florida, and cricket in Australia, I came across something that stopped me right there and hen - something that I love to devour to the last visible thing in my pizza serving and I immediately thought of sharing the link with my readers.
Screen shot of the last moment in the video when pizza is just ready 
Yes, I am talking of a hot, sizzling, mouth watering and irresistible 'Healthy Buffalo Chicken Pizza.' Simply the name suggests a hearty pizza coming out of the oven and the entire family dying to jump over it in an instant.

Before you run out of your patience, HERE is the video link for the Healthy Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe. Try it - it is just delicious.


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