Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Composing two of the Masterpieces by Beethoven

Those of us who love music in its true sense would be very familiar with one of the greatest composers and musicians of all times – Ludwig Van Beethoven. Long time ago, I had happened to listen to the 5th of Beethoven – a symphony that’s one of his greatest work of music.

Then one day, I watched a programme on TV on Beethoven and there I came to know how the 5th of Beethoven was composed. In his later days, Beethoven had become deaf and could not hear properly. One day he was sitting on a ridge in an overcast day. Suddenly the lightening started flashing and the clouds start to thunder. The deaf Beethoven saw the flashlights bolting across the sky and his mind raced with the nature. He then ran back to his place and translated the flashing lights across an overcast sky into one of his classics and greatest – the 5th of Beethoven.

Those who haven’t listened to this symphony may click on the link below and when the music plays, just imagine sitting on a ridge all alone, with ears plugged so that no outside sound is heard and then imagine lightening flashing across the sky and rain falling on you. This is exactly what happened to Beethoven.


As for the Moonlight Sonata, this was composed for a blind girl he knew. She had listened to her family talking about nature – the blue waters of the river, the beautiful aromatic flowers in the garden, the moving of the clouds and the shimmering moonlight that fascinated everyone. Beethoven thought of composing a composition that could make the blind girl feel as she was sitting in a moonlit night. And thus he created his one of the very best Moonlight Sonata.

This is how great people please those who are not gifted wholly by the Nature. Try helping out someone someday who is not as gifted as you.

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