Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Passion of Zorbing takes life of father of two

Zorbing, originated form the New Zealand, is one of the very less adopted hobby of a few daring young men around the world. Zorbing is confining oneself into a large inflatable rubber ball and rolling down a mountain slope.

The two men going down in the large ball - the bottom right photo is the last view of the ball before plunging over the cliff

But this is rather adventurous hobby can be deadly and result into horrific ending. And this is exactly what happened when Denis Burakov, 27, married with two young daughters, broke his neck and spine in the zorbing accident, reports Mail Online.

Burakov and his companion Vladimir Shcherbov, 33, decided to roll down on a snow mountain slope in the southern Russia on a ski resort. But the inflatable ball, which has no means of controlling once rolled down a slope, crashing through rocks and teeters on the edge of ravine - before disappearing from view, over the cliff, resulting into the death of Burakov, who was found with broken neck and spine.


His companionon Shcherbov survived and has been hospitalized with concussion and multiple lacerations to the head and body, but miraculously was later released.

Watch the video of the horrific incident with the ball getting out of control.

[via Mail Online ]


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