Friday, August 17, 2012

Nvidia launches GeForce GTX 660 Ti desktop graphics card

While all the attention is paid to the extreme high end when it comes to graphics cards -- and which is the fastest card ever -- not as many gamers are willing to pay $500 or more for those boards. So it may not be as exciting when the new high-end technologies trickle down to the mid range -- that is, unless you're in the market for one of those cards.
A case in point is the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti, which is built using the same GK104 GPU (a.k.a Kepler) that powers the blazing - and pricey - GeForce GTX 680, but will cost around $299 instead of $499. 
Obviously, you won't get the same performance, but if you're upgrading from an older card, the benefits will be readily apparent. You will get 1,344 CUDA cores, 2GB of video memory, a 192-bit memory bus, and a base clock speed of 915MHz. Those specs are for any reference card, though customized and overclocked cards from Nvidia's manufacturing partners are available.
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