Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Dust Bashing

We oftern see cross country car racing in African deserts over pure sand on TV. These racing cars leave clouds of dust which add to the thrill and excitement of watching such events.

But if you can create the same effect is a dusty patch of ground just near your house? Yes I mean YOU not Micheal Schumacher or other renowned racers.

If you have a RC gadget like HTI, you may create the similar effects as created in the following video. If these video was shot in an area with no background, it would looked a real racing car, as comparison from background makes it look like a model car.

Watch the dust bashing HTI:

The RC car used in above video is the HPI Trophy 3.5 running simply awesome on 3.5cc engine and now 30% nitro. This place is just dust and due to the dry weather is extra dusty lately, that has assisted in creating the near-actual effects.

This is Part 1 - Stay tuned for Part 2, as and when uploaded by  

Video courtesy:   / YouTube


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