Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Postage stamps of Pakistan - 1957 and my stamp album

Pakistan Post issued stamps on three occasions in 1957 as seen above.

The first set of stamps was issued on 23 March 1957 on the eve of first anniversary of Republic Day. As I mentioned in my post of stamps of 1956, Pakistan became an Islamic Republic on 23 March 1957 - rather the first Islamic Republic of the entire Muslim world. The three stamps in the first and second row above were issued, depicting Orange Tree (myrtle green and orange in colour) with a face value of Rs. 10. The stamp on the left in the second row shows Karnaphuli Paper Mill East Pakistan. This scarlet coloured stamp had a denomination of two and a half ana. The blue coloured stamp on the right in the second row of three and a half ana depicted pottery, a famous handicraft of Pakistan.

A set of two stamps with Pakistani flag was issued on 10th May 1957 on the eve of celebrating the Century of Struggle for Independence. The struggle that took place in 1857 by both Muslims and Hindus of the British India to get rid of the yoke of slavery from their British masters. The struggle for independence, called mutiny by the British, was ruthlessly suppressed by the British and countless "mutineers' were mercilessly killed alive - no one was taken as prisoner.  The bronze green stamp on the left in the third row was priced at an ana and a half, while the one in blue on the right was priced at 12 ana. These stamps were withdrawn in 1958.

1957 was the year of celebration of the 10th anniversary of independence. A set of three stamps in the last row above shows these stamps. The theme of all stamps centered around the emerging industries of the newly born country. The ultramarine stamp on the left had a face value of an ana and a half, the orange and red colored stamp in the centre had a face value of 4 ana, while the third stamp in mauve was priced at 12 ana.

My collection of these stamps is complete less one stamp of mauve colour issued on 14th August 1957.

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