Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interim stamps of Pakistan - 1947

At the incidence of independence of Pakistan from the British India on 14 August 1947, there were no stamps readily available to be used for postage and postal services as indigenous stamps of Pakistan. Thus various stamps of the British India were overprinted with word "PAKISTAN" and used till Pakistan printed its own stamps in 1949.

I do not have all of these, but a few of these on the first page of my stamp album as under:

On the right hand (top) is a set of four stamps that was finally issued as the first indigenous stamps of Pakistan. The stamps were issued on 9th July 1947. The stamps bore the photos of the Constitutional Assembly, Karachi, the Karachi Airport, the Lahore Fort and the fourth stamp bore the crescent and star of the Pakistani flag with Pakistan written in the centre. The stamps had a face value of Anas one and a half, 2 Anas, Anas three and a half and Re.1.

The stamps in the lower right bottom are the stamps of the Bahawalpur State, which was an independent state that chose to merge with Pakistan.


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  4. Some one told that first stamp of Pakistan was printed signature of Allama Iqbal. Is it true?