Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Generating Random Sequences for Online Games

By: Joe Jackson

Although it sounds simple, reating a truly random number is not easy for a computer. It's important to remember this as many computer programs need to be just that. Take any kind of electronic online game for instance like roulette, fruit machines and they all need a random number generator simply to make them fair.

Which is where the problem lies, a computer needs a set of instructions to be random which is obviously pretty hard to provide. The computer processes the instructions, which are written by a programmer who determines how it should act. Just imagine how hard it is to produce instructions on how to be unpredictable, that is the dilemma. In reality all they can produce is Pseudo-random numbers which to be fair are very difficult to predict.

Another difficulty is that most people have a very inaccurate idea of what exactly is random. We tend to want 50/50 chances to happen 50% of the time which is actually not going to happen that often surprisingly enough. Real random sequences can actually look very strange, with long, improbable sequences commonplace. It will come as no surprise to anyone who has watched spins on roulette wheels, where long sequences are common. Our neat, balance perception of what 'random' should look like usually ends up in the code of the computer programs.
When playing an online game of chance it's even more difficult as the perception of the player is also a factor. If we get an unlucky spin of a wheel or reel on an online game we get suspicious of the computer. If the same thing happened on a real roulette wheel, we'd just mark it down to bad luck.

This perception that the code is not exactly random, is what spoils these computerised games of chance for me. I can't enjoy computerised gambling as it doesn't feel like lady luck is given a free reign. It probably explains why there are so many live video games online now, which stream physical games to your desktop.

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