Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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By: Jim Crabb

Good, good topic today. We are sharing some healthy chicken recipes with you. Right off the bat, here is a really good tip for having chicken around for those emergencies. Chicken tenders. They are just about fat-free. Some markets will sell them individually so you can buy as many as you want in bulk. Or you can get them in the frozen aisle. But the important thing here is that in an emergency you can do just about anything you want with them.

A lot of times we will throw together a salad and I will grill up a few strips of them with some lemon pepper and salt on them and then just slice them and lay them on top of a nice, healthy salad. You serve that with a light vinagrette salad dressing and you are talking eating healthy. Four one-ounce pieces of chicken tenders will give you about three ounces of lean meat. Now we are talking healthy chicken recipes here and it would be a little difficult to get something that is a whole lot healthier than this. I know, I know, all you salmon lovers put down your pens; you do not need to write me. You know what I mean.

Let's talk about ways to cook healthy chicken recipes. Have anyone ever thought about poaching your chicken? You can poach in just about any kind of liquid you want. In the restaurants where I spent almost my entire adult life I would always use a court bouillon.

Just a brief word about court bouillon, it is basically just flavored water. All you are going to do is poach you chicken in a flavored water/broth that you have created earlier. You can find recipes for this just about everywhere, but one thing that we, in the business, do is when we actually poach the chicken (or fish), we strain out the herbs, parsley, lemon slices, etc., whatever it is that we decided to put in it. I just wanted to say that briefly, I really do not want to go into great length about court bouillon. Just know this, in order to have healthy chicken recipes you can cook these any number of ways:

* poach
* grill
* smoke
* broil
* bake
* no, no, no fry.

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