Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eye of the God or an astronomical wonder

This image is of a planetary nebula known famously as “The Helix Nebula”, and it’s anything but rare. The Helix has been known to exist and has been under constant observation around the planet since the 1700′s.

However, many label it as Eye of the God and mislead people for really making a wish by looking at it for a minute or so. While this could only be called a superstition, the image itself is a wonder of Allah and be praised for such wonders along with countless astronomical wonders released by NASA from time to time. In any case, God is not like a human body to have limbs similar to us. Thus relating the phenomenon above as part of the God is misleading and absurd. God, we all know and believe, cannot be drawn, rather God is there everywhere and those who believe in God or Allah know it. They do not need an image of God or Allah to address their Creator. They know God's existence to be true and pray to God or Allah without even guessing or pondering how the God looks like. So let us not be misled.

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  1. Very well written post and you are 100% right Allah Almighty has no Image and we can't just label a beautiful creation of Allah as eye of God.