Monday, January 24, 2011

Innovative Gadgets

Every day there is a new gadget that enthralls the gadget enthusiasts. These gadgets may be the work of someone who had been wanting to do things and finding solutions to something one felt perturbed or wanted a better thing to address one’s worries or innovative mind.
I found this transparent toaster on the net and found it better than the conventional metal case one. The toaster has transparent heating glass that allows the breakfaster to see how much the slice of bread has actually been toasted. And thus prevents these to come out blackened or over toasted. At the same time, one can have the pleasure of seeing the plain white bread turning golden slowly while waiting the toaster to eject the bread.
And for those who find it hard to get up in the morning, here is a novel idea. I once saw Norman Wisdom’s film, the early bird perhaps, in which he had a clock kept in metal pail so that the clock alarm’s sound is amplified but still wouldn’t get up. Well this clock is different and a bit dangerous too. When the alarm goes, it goes a shrilling siren like sound. But that is not all. It has a helicopter type rotor fan attached to it, which flies of and starts to fly around the room. Now you have to get up, “catch” the rotor and place it back on the clock. I do not know how long does the rotor flies, but catching a flying rotor may be dangerous – but obviously the whole exercise completely takes off sleep from your eyes.


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