Tuesday, May 1, 2012

iCleaner: Free up your iPhone memory by deleting unwanted files

Fixed memory device gadget owners are always lamenting of shortage of space, specially when it comes to mobile telephones. One really has to make a decision regarding storage of in-numerous contact numbers / addresses, besides photos and files. And iPhone is certainly no exception.

For the iPhone users, a new jailbreak tweak has landed in Cydia by the name of iCleaner  which handles the cleaning job more effectively and efficiently. 
This Cydia tweak developed by Exile.90, works like much CCleaner on Windows, which get rids of unnecessary data, which you can use to install more games store music.
The iCleaner is best suited to remove half-downloaded Cydia packages, older cache files and cookies forming a plaque-like mass off needlessness within your Mobile Safari app. You can also manually choose the apps to which you feel like need doesn't need any cleaning, like Facebook or Twitter. 
To run the iCleaner, simply type “iCleaner” (without the quote marks), and you’ll see some options. The first option will analyze your apps, the second will clean them up. iCleaner is free, and available to download over at the BigBoss repository.

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