Monday, January 24, 2011

The Love of Gadgets

There were times, perhaps the good old times, when one would walk over to a TV set and switch it on or off or change channels. But those were very old times as today technology has taken over so much control over our lives that without a gadget in our hand, we feel abandoned, lonely and perhaps helpless too. Doing things manually seems like a nightmare and if one doesn’t find the TV remote, one almost gets knocked down. This is a reality and the world of gadgets that rule us in almost every field.
Charlie Booker writes in Guardian, “I love complex gadgets. What I cant stand are idiots who don’t know which buttons to press. TV remotes should have more stuff on them: dials and joysticks and flashing lights. I dream of a remote with its own mouse. And I don’t need a manual”
The advancement in the cellular telephones is one example which is making the younger generation crazy and wanting. No sooner a new mobile phone is introduced the older one is straightaway discarded. It seems we have become attached to the software behind each gadget so much that everyone want to have the latest and the best. . "I doubt that people really loved their cell phones," said Don Norman, a principal of the Nielsen Norman Group, a design firm, and author of "Living With Complexity." The software inside a Smartphone changed that. He thinks people merely like their Amazon Kindle e-readers, but don't love them because the software doesn't function as an auxiliary brain.
Thus it is the love of the gadgets and the software that has taken over all other hobbies of yester years. The outdated hobbies of philately, Phillumeny or collecting coins are no more talked off and if someone does, he is taken a person from the past, not even of present. The hobby of gadgets is in and is getting complicated every day that passes. People today feel lost or actually grieve when they lose a personal electronic device. "You are leaving your brain behind," said Mark Rolston, the chief creative officer at Frog Design, a leading product design shop.
So we are adding gadgets to our list of hobbies in our blog and will share the latest in gadgets which is now taking over all other forms of pastimes and hobbies.


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