Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gardening as a hobby


Nature as I say often is always calling us back to it and those who really want to be close to it, find gardening a very interesting, lovable and relaxing hobby. A hobby that allows us to see nature from its close quarters close to our house as compared to other outdoor hobbies of camping, trekking and fishing which have to be undertaken with due preparation and travelling some distance. But gardening is right there in our lawn. Even those who do not have a lawn, plant flowers and green leaves in small pots and hang them in balcony of their house.
Unlike all other hobbies, gardening is not very expensive when one is taking a start. But when one is in it, then depending on the limits imposed by one budget, plants could be anything from a few rupees to .. those who love gardening would know what I mean.
One doesn’t need much to start with. Just a few tools like a shovel, a hoe, a rake would do. Initially one starts with plants bought from the nearby nursery but when one gets little experience, one can prepare small saplings from the seeds. But this requires a little expertise as nourishing these tiny saplings can be very tedious and delicate.
Unlike many other outdoor hobbies, gardening is a year-round hobby, as one has to keep planting, enjoying, uprooting and planting again to enjoy the next plantation. It is painstaking hobby as well as nourishing and nurturing the tiny saplings is very difficult. The winter plantation for spring is more difficult as the plantation has to be protected from the cold and moisture during severity of winters.
But when spring comes and flowers start to appear all over, one cannot describe the joy of a gardener. More than me, my wife is always running around to find new saplings and prepare the beds for their very aesthetic plantation. It is her love and hard work that has been winning her prizes in flower shows every year. Above photo of poppy flowers is a part from our award winning garden. This year too, she has planted a wide variety flowers like petunia, verbena, stocks, daisy, cineraria, dahlia, day lily, gerbera, pansy, roses and many more.
We will talk more of gardening, tips and flowers in coming days.
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