Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Explored Floral Photography

My wife loves flowers and gardening. She remains busy in decorating our small garden with beautiful and colourful flowers and green plants the year round, specially for the spring plantation. This gives me an excellent opportunity to satisfy my love of photography to take shot of best of the flowers in our garden. I usually go for macros to see and shoot the flowers from as close as possible to capture their beauty from the closest quarters.

Herein under are some of my compositions that I shared on Flcikr and were selected for Explore. And now am sharing it here for my blog viewers, specially those who love nature, flowers and photography.

Pinks and Blues
Yellow Star
Red Sprouts
Jingle Bells
Good Morning

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  1. Congrats to your wife!!! I also love gardening! You are Such a great Blogger! Thanks for share your feeling and these beautiful flower with us.... keep it up....

  2. Thank you Amanda - my wife is grateful, and so am I. You humble us with your comments. I am sure your garden must be looking beautiful too in spring.