Friday, April 15, 2011

Roses are not always red ...

In January earlier this year, I talked of planting rose samplings as January is the month (January is the rose lovers' month) when rose saplings are generally planted, specially in Pakistan. My wife brought over a dozen varieties of roses that included bedded, pedestal and double pedestal roses. Well now all the saplings are flowering and our entire beds are full of rose, beside the multi coloured flowers of the spring plantation. Some of these give beautiful smell, typical of roses that make our garden a part of the heaven.

See some of the beautiful fully grown roses of our garden and enjoy the gift of nature.

The single pedestal and double pedestal roses are budding and I will share their photos when these are in full bloom.

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1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Jalal...i love your roses.
    But guess what......lets not be racist with Roses...what ever colour a rose may have but guess what....the fragrance and the aroma and the attraction.....i always feel like touching and kissing roses.must see more rses....
    And one tip for your garden....never grow them very close if you have planted a red rose closer to the white rose..guess what next year you would see both in love and a Red&White rose! yes true