Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lo!! The spring is here

For gardeners and those who love the aroma of fresh flowers when the spring comes, it is time of joy and happiness. For gardeners and the hobbyists, spring is much awaited as the saplings and the seeds sowed somewhere in November of the previous year, each day has been a day of joy as slowly and gradually small green leaves start to break the earth cover and look around for a familiar face waiting to welcome them to the world.

My wife, an avid gardener, loves to have a beautiful garden full of flowers and green carpeted grass lawn. All through October and November, she was busy preparing our home garden for its first spring ever, since we moved into our new house last year. Everyday she was running to some nursery to brings flower saplings and green plants.

Her main emphasis this year was to have a wide variety of roses. She planted over a dozen rose varieties, each with a different colour, aroma and style. Beside bedded roses, she brought pedestal roses, both single and double. The Nature was on her side as all saplings are growing healthy and majestically. Some of the roses are shown above.

Beside roses, there is a wide variety of flowers, including petunia, double dahlia, pansy, verbena, yellow daisy, sweet peas, and many others. Besides she has planted the Bird of Paradise, which is yet to give flowers, many types of Palm and others. 

Our garden is now filled with aroma of all these flowers, while that of rose takes over the rest. The multicoloured garden filled with colourful fresh flowers is an gardener's heaven on earth.

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